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Gogo burnt &braai

A 63 year old grandmother was allegedly burnt to death by her granddaughter at her house, extension 25, eMbalenhle. The 19 year old granddaughter became the prime suspect after it was revealed that she was the only p e r s o n w h o l a s t s a w h e r grandmother. She was also the only person found by the police and the neighbours on the crime scene. The name of the teenager could not be revealed due safety reasons. The horrible scene happened on the fourth of January 2016.

Apparently the teenager was visiting her grandmother after she had disagreements with her mother. The teenager and her mother areboth Kinross residents. The exact number of days she stayed with her grandmother are still not confirmed, but her stay was definitely temporary. On that day the neighbours noticed that someone set fire on the pensioner”s house. It was unusual because the fire was set outside the house abruptly.

The neighbours realised that the smell from the smoke was very strange. They then rushed to gogo's house but they were denied entrance to the house yard, allegedly by the teenager. The neighbours confirmed that the teenager locked the gate. It was then that they decided to contact the police. The police responded to the call immediately. The police arrived at gogo`s house but the g a t e w a s s t i l l l o c ke d. T h e neighbours and the police became more suspicious that the fire was set for a purpose. The police had no choice but to apply force entrance.

The police noticed human figure in the fire. After several speculations the police confirmed that indeed a human being was in the fire. They found the teenager`s grandmother burnt to death. She was burnt beyond recognition. The fire was extinguished immediately. The teenager told the police that she was unaware that her grandmother was in the fire. She told the police that she set the fire just to burn dirt from the house.

She again denied any knowledge of her grandmother being burnt in the fire. The brutal killing of gogo remains a mystery. There were too may unanswered questions, confusion and hysterical neighbours. The police arrested the teenager and she was charged with murder. Others said that the teenager was possessed with d e m o n i c p o w e r s , b u t s u c h accusations are invalid in the court of law. The teenager first appeared in court on the 7 January 2016. She was denied the charges against her. On the 8 January 2016 she appeared again in court for state legal assistance. She then appeared for bail application on the 22 January 2016. The lawyer provided by the state withdrew her bail application. Under the circumstances her bail application was denied. The case was postponed until 22 February 2016 for further investigation. The suspect remains in prison until her next court appearance.

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