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Ekasi News is 100% black owned owned publishing company that was established in 2013. The main objective of this enterprise is to focus attention on indigenous African languages in South Africa by getting involved in their growth and development.The firm is involved in this process by publishing written documents like newspapers, magazines, books and other in these languages.

Ekasinews newspaper was launched in 2003 as a newspaper that was publishing in isiNdebele, Sesotho and English. The newspaper carried articles in all the three languages and was distributed in the areas where the languages were spoken in Mpumalanga and parts of Limpopo and Gauteng. The newspaper was published as a monthly in the first year of operation. As it gained momentum the newspaper was published fortnightly, and then weekly. After challenges that te newspaper encountered, in order to cut down expenses, the newspaper had to cut out publication in Sesotho. 

Currently, Ekasinews newspaper is published as a fortnightly publication although the newspaper is still committed to publishing as a weekly paper. The newspaper is published as a 12 page tabloid with approximately 50% color. The amount of color is dependent upon the number of color adverts that are carried. 10 000 copies are printed per issue and the paper is distributed in Gert Sibande municipality were isiNdebele is widely spoken.

Ekasi News is currently a bi-monthly publication distributed in the Govan Mbeki area. We plan to expand to a bigger area covering the whole of the Gert Sibande district. The Govan Mbeki municipality is one of the seven municipalities under this district. For the past 11 years we managed to be the preferred medium for the black market in the area and its environs. The support we have from local businesses including all spheres of government as well as the demand from other municipalities who do not have the service we provide, has encouraged us to expand.


Ekasi News’ immediate plan is to cover all seven municipalities in the district by the end of May 2015. From our research, we concluded that there is a huge demand for this service by the communities and businesses in these areas. These municipalities have community newspapers which do not cover the residential areas of the black communities. Most exist only for commercial purposes, focusing on the high LSM market, without addressing nation building issues and creating a platform for local communities to engage in national agendas. Municipalities will contribute by providing editorial content on their community services, projects and developments around their areas. Vacancies and tender notices will also help to increase our revenue.


Editorial/Content: We plan to employ two people in each municipal area to gather news and sell advertisements. All municipal communication officers will give their inputs by providing media releases and other news related to their communities. Relevant national and provincial news will also add value to our publication. Social network media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc will be utilised to make sure we stay in touch with our readers. Local artists will get exposure similar to artists in big cities, which will help to create role models or celebrates in our region. Local artists will thus be given a platform to get adequate exposure.

Advertorial/Advertisements: Our national advertising agency (CAPRO) will carry on representing us to national advertisers, which they have been doing since the inception of Ekasi News. We will create packages that will be suitable for emerging businesses to promote them. Advertisements from all spheres of government will add to our revenue. We will employ at least one sales representative in each municipal area to get local businesses to advertise. Ekasi News has been working closely with local FETs by employing marketing students for internship. We will employ them and pay them stipend salaries for a period of six months to help prepare them for the workplace.


Advertorial/Advertisements: We managed to lure some of the top 10 national brands like Sasol, Vodacom, SAB, MTN, KFC and national government. With our plan of expanding, we are confident that we will have more advertisements from these brands and others. The IEC also made use of us previously and we are certain that they will make use of us generously during the upcoming local elections next year. We plan to attract most political parties to take advantage of this growth and help increase their electorate.

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